Instant Sunshine CDs released in October 2008
Originally released as LPs
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Songs on CD : Worms; No News Today; When I Was In Bombay; Metamorphosis; Ten-Gallon Hat; Corduroy Trousers; Spanish Holiday; Top Dogs; I Wish I Was a Sassenach; Some Dancing; The End Of The Road; Donít Tell The Abbot; The Monster; Habeas
Corpse; Herts Is Trumps (Tring); Mrs.Brown; Doctors; Fleeting Time.
Funny Name For A Band   
FUNNY NAME FOR A BAND ( Recorded live at Tiddy Dols Eating House)
Songs on CD: Sunshine; Nouveau Poor; The Blues; Kiddies Olympics; Bar Stool Sailing; Flooding; Methylated; The Canary Song; Bird Seed; Hurdy-Gurdy; Now Iím Adolescent; Here We go Again; Poor Guy; Tittle Tattle Rag; Talking Plants; Who Mowed The Lawns of Eden; The Demon In The Drink; Sunshine (Reprise).
Songs on CD: Heathrow Holiday; A Very Tropical Subject; Tadpoles; On the Fringe; Kids On The Corner; My Lawn; Danish Bacon Baby; Boring Song; A Little Bit Of Burgling On The Side; Ruthless Roues; Beefcake; Rabbikang; Lily Gilding; Allotment; Donít Eat a Turkey This Christmas; Our Show Is Live.

NOW AVAILABLE FROM FEBRUARY 2017, a new CD to celebrate our 50th Anniversary:  INSTANT SUNSHINE  50 NOT OUT
Knitting for Victory, Dear Diary, My Caddy Said,Toy Sympathy, Very Tiny Brain,Weather is Never Quite Right,Awfully Keen on the Arts, I Wonder What It's Like To Be a Star, Old Times Back, Peace of Mind, Squidger, Aunt Agatha's Hat, Man From Pollock,
Christmas Greetings, Lots In The Attic, Incurable Romantic, Gondoliers. 
>>  08 :: Jul :: 2021
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry 2nd September 2021

>>  21 :: Nov :: 2020
Keep Singing

>>  26 :: Feb :: 2020
Instant Sunshine Concert on Saturday 29th February at Donhead St Andrew

>>  21 :: Jan :: 2020
Happy New Year

>>  21 :: Jan :: 2020
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry on Tuesday 10th March 2020

>>  10 :: Jun :: 2019
Instant Sunshine at The Peasantry on Tuesday 9th July 2019

>>  07 :: Jun :: 2019
Mid Summer's Day Approaching